Monday, October 14, 2013

Review: Confessions of Love by Melissa Blue

Title: Confessions of Love
Author: Melissa Blue
Genre: Historical Romance
Source: Entangled Scandalous
Release Date: October 14, 2013
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

London, 1817

Lieutenant Jonathan Rycroft is intoxicating. His hands know just where to touch her, his lips know just how to trip her pulse, and his body knows just how to bring about every forbidden desire Lindsay Dunsfield has ever felt. He's the one man that's owned her heart...and he shattered it two years ago. 

Returned to London on assignment with the War Office, Jonathan's mission is hindered by a love he cannot forget. One scorching kiss reignites the flames of their passion, but he inadvertently drags Lindsay into a mire of murder and deception that hits closer to home than she ever would have dreamed. 

In a world where Lindsay can trust no one, will she find renewed faith in the last place she expected to look?

Confessions of Love has refreshed my faith in sweet historical romances that have a female sleuth in them.  Too often they fall too far on the young adult side, but this one sat just right.  The writing of the romance and the suspense was all at the same level which helped the story flow without a break from style changes.  

Both characters, Jonathan and Lindsay, seemed to be written as typical people with typical views for their time.  At the beginning Lindsay is more than willing to marry a grandfatherly old man to save her family's fortune - after all, it is what was expected of a young girl.  While Jonathan was a navy man, loyal to the War Office and his current mission, always hoping to find a way to win Lindsay's heart.

There were quite a few rapid turns of events that helped to keep our story moving along very nicely and a couple of them managed to surprise me in the end.  With a little bit of tragedy thrown in to keep the story real, Confessions of Love was a great historical romance, perfect for fans of the genre.

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