Saturday, June 8, 2013

Review: Sweet 16 to Life by Kimberly Reid

Title: Sweet 16 to Life (Langdon Prep #3)
Author: Kimberly Reid
Genre: Young Adult - Detective
Media Type: Trade Paperback
Published: January 29, 2013
Length: Novel
Reviewer: Jasmyn

Thanks to skills learned from her undercover-cop mom, Chanti Evans has saved lives and exposed lies at her exclusive private school. But taking down Langdon Prepsters is one thing. Does she have what it takes to go up against hardcore criminals?

After a semester with Langdon’s most rich and snobby, Chanti knows all too well that trust is tough to find and keep. So when her old hood friend, MJ, turns to her for help, Chanti is determined to protect her from vengeful gang member Lux. But that means mending fences with her irresistible ex-boyfriend, Marco, and enlisting his very reluctant assistance. And when Lux suddenly vanishes, Chanti and MJ become prime suspects. Now to clear their names, she must uncover secrets that will strike much too close to home, putting her place at Langdon—and her future—on the line…

As a lover of Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, the concept of this book really appealed to me. However, it fell a bit short in my opinion. Chanti was a little too hard and unafraid. I wanted to see a softer side to her. While the author may have tried to show that with her interactions with Marcus, it didn't come across as much more than a high school crush.

The mystery aspect was great. Lots of clues to help the reader put things together, and Chanti wasn't a know it all that could solve everything on her own. There were things she didn't catch on to until someone else pointed them out which gave the story a little more realism. 

Not a bad story, perhaps the others in the series show a different side the the characters that I just didn't pick up on in this volume.

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