Sunday, June 9, 2013

Review: Druid's Sword by Sara Douglass

Title: Druid's Sword (The Troy Game #4)
Author: Sara Douglass
Genre: Fantasy - Historical
Media Type: Hard Cover
Published: May 16, 2006
Length: Epic
Reviewer: Jasmyn

1940. The skies above London are filled with German planes on nightly raids, a Blitz that brings a barrage of bombs that pound the city into rubble. Each morning Londoners face the night's handiwork and though they are presented with the possibility of sudden death, they are determined to fight the evil that threatens to destroy their nation. They struggle to live normal lives amid the terror and chaos. 

But is it only Hitler's Luftwaffe and the Blitz that is responsible for all the death and destruction that the city is facing? 

Brutus, the Greek Kingman who brought the bands of power to the isle of Alba millennia ago once again walks the streets of London, this time as an American major. The men and women who are his eternal companions (and sometimes lovers and enemies) have all been reborn in this time and place. They have come together for one last battle to finally complete the magical Labyrinth buried at the heart of the city. Half completed and resonating with an evil power, the Maze calls to them to complete the Game and possibly set all the players free. As Brutus works to find a solution that will end his age-old pain he comes to realize that there is a new power that walks the land. It is strong, hungry, and it has its own agenda. 

And by its actions could change the world forever.

An amazing conclusion to The Troy Game series. It had me on the edge of my seat almost the entire time and ready to scream in anticipation when the ending turned back and forth so many times I felt like I was in a roller coaster (which I'm sure was the intended effect). All the characters are back, including some we hadn't seen since they appeared the first time. The Troy Game is bound and determined to be completed in this lifetime and is willing to do anything to anyone to get it done.

Brutus and Cornelia reborn are in the lead again, but they have changed so much you could hardly recognize them. I don't know how Douglass could have ended the series any better.

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