Monday, August 13, 2018

A Second Chance at Love by L.K. Shaw ~ Review

Title: A Second Chance at Love
Author: L.K. Shaw
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Length: 90 pages
Publisher: Independent
Release Date: October 20, 2017
Source: Purchased
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

An abusive ex-boyfriend had broken Callie Foster down, but she’d rebuilt herself. When she started a flirtation during the beginning of her three-week vacation, she felt a connection she hadn’t felt in five long years. She knew her feelings were reciprocated, but he had pushed her away. Imagine her surprise when, over a week later in Myrtle Beach, she runs into him again.

Kyle Harper, a Veteran amputee, has lost everyone he’s ever cared about. When he began to feel something for Callie, he pushed her away before she could leave him like everyone else in his life had. When he heads to Myrtle Beach for a yearly get together with his military buddies, he stumbles upon Callie. 

Can Callie show him that she’s not the kind of woman to leave her man behind? Can Kyle open his heart to her, leaving himself vulnerable?

A Second Chance at Love is a really quick novella, I think I read in one night. So, being a novella, I didn't expect tons of depth because there just aren't enough pages. But somehow, L.K. Shaw managed to cram some wonderful character development into about 90 pages or so (per Amazon). 

The first part of the story left me a little confused. When Kyle and Callie first meet it just seemed a little weird, but the meeting was necessary (if a bit awkward) to set up their second chance in Myrtle Beach. This was really where the story seemed to start for me. As they mostly danced around their attraction - each wanting to avoid it for different reasons at first - they ended up coming closer together. They built up a trust and got to know each other a bit before jumping in the sheets.

I wish there could have been more - a comment I often make with novellas - but only because I loved the characters so much that I wanted to see them more. 

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