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Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward - Audiobook Review

Title: Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood #6)
Author: J.R. Ward
Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Length: 17 hours 44 minutes
Publisher: Signet
Release Date: June 3, 2008
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

Fiercely loyal to the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Phury has sacrificed himself for the good of the race, becoming the male responsible for keeping the Brotherhood's bloodlines alive. As Primale of the Chosen, he is obligated to father the sons and daughters who will ensure that the traditions of the race survive, and that there are warriors to fight those who want all vampires extinguished. 

As his first mate, the Chosen Cormia wants to win not only his body, but his heart for herself. She is drawn to the noble responsibility behind the emotionally scarred male. But Phury has never allowed himself to know pleasure or joy. As the war with the Lessening Society grows grim, tragedy looms over the Brotherhood's mansion, and Phury must decide between duty and love....


Fhury has been lost since Zsadist found his mate. His drug-use is increasing and his inner-demon whispering in his ear (quite literally) are about to drive him insane. Always the one to do what what is best for everyone else, he's volunteered to become the Primale and mate with the Chosen (all of them). There's a lot of denial of feelings, reality, needs, and desiresin this one. Fhury is the ultimate tortured soul.

Cormia is the ultime innocent. She's been manipulated and forced into a mating ritual (don't worry - no forceful sex or rape) with a vampire she hardly knows. Fhury is the perfect gentleman, perhaps too much so, and as she comes to know the gentler side of his soul, well, she falls in love.

Here was the on again off again type of thing that I'm not really a fan of. One chapter they're about to get together, the next he's convinced he's no good. While it did show his paranoia and schizophrenia in a way that shows his crazy side off well. Forced to confront both his addiction and his little demon, 

As always, the story of the Black Dagger Brotherhood rolls right along - which I love. John Matthew, Qhuinn, and Blay are all starting to come into their own as adult vampires, but there's a wrench thrown into their lives as Torhment returns after so long. There's also trouble brewing with Lash that I expect to see grow even more over the course of the next few books.

A great addition to the series overall, but I did get a little tired of Fhury's wavering over Cormia, and Cormia's lack of action towards Fhury (although I do undertand why she didn't because of the way she was raised). The best part of this one was the continuation of the urban fantasy elements.

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