Saturday, September 14, 2013

Review: Winning the Boss's Heart by Hayson Manning

Title: Winning the Boss's Heart
Author: Hayson Manning
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Entangled Publishing
Release Date: September 9, 2013
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

Mason Christian has twelve weeks to flip something old into something new for his Japanese client, and then he’s getting the hell out of Footsteps Bay, New Zealand. Not even his temporary cook and secretary—the feisty, luscious Billie McLeod—will deter him. There’s no denying she makes him feel alive. More alive than he’s felt in three years...  

Billie has one dream: save enough money to go to college. That’s why she’s agreed to work for hard ass, all-business-no-pleasure Mason Christian—a man who has every intention of destroying through "modernization" the town’s most cherished historical home. But before she can say see ya, she realizes she’s signed the dotted line and is contractually bound for eighty-four days.  Working with male perfection every day is awesome with a capital A—as long as they can stick to a hands-off policy that gets harder every day...

I need to start by saying that I LOVED Billie.  She was so sure of herself and upbeat, even when things were looking down.  Her way of turning just about any situation into something just a little more fun by use of only her personality makes her someone I wish I really knew.  It certainly helped that she loved Wuthering Heights and had a soft spot for animals.  She sets out to save the historical house from being gutted and turned into a minimalist retreat at the hands of Mason Christian.  She tries to teach him the value of roots and tradition along the way.

Mason has been running from the tragedy in his past for a long time when before he hires Billie.  He has a truly sad story, that I can unfortunately relate to.  Bound and determined not to let anyone get close enough to touch him again seems to be the safest way to protect his heart.  Billie puts cracks in his walls from day one and he's not quite sure what to do about the whole thing.

Mason and Billie have a love story and romance that was fantastic.  Seeing her bubbling personality bringing out the softer and more fun side of him was great!  The city of Footsteps Bay and Stanley (the dog) really rounded things out and made for a beautiful escape from reality for me.

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