Monday, January 2, 2017

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole ~ Review

Title: Poison Princess (The Arcana Chronicles #1)
Author: Kresley Cole
Genre: New Adult, Paranormal, Dystopian
Length: 369 Pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Release Date: August 19, 2014
Source: Purchased
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

She could save the world-or destroy it.
Sixteen year old Evangeline "Evie" Greene leads a charmed life, until she begins experiencing horrifying hallucinations. When an apocalyptic event decimates her Louisiana hometown, Evie realizes her hallucinations were actually visions of the future - and they're still happening. Fighting for her life and desperate for answers, she must turn to her wrong-side-of-the-bayou classmate: Jack Derveaux.

But she can't do either alone.
With his mile-long rap sheet, wicked grin, and bad attitude, Jack is like no boy Evie has ever known. Even though he once scorned her and everything she represented, he agrees to protect Evie on her quest. She knows she can't totally depend on Jack. If he ever cast that wicked grin her way, could she possibly resist him?

Who can Evie trust?
As Jack and Evie race to find the source of her visions, they meet others who have gotten the same call. An ancient prophesy is being played out, and Evie is not the only one with special powers. A group of twenty-two teens has been chosen to reenact the ultimate battle between good and evil. But it's not always clear who is on which side...

Poison Princess is an amazing story. The entire premise behind the series is incredibly well thought out. The Tarot deck brought to life - so unique and exciting. But we start with Evie - a girl that appears to be your typical rich popular girl from a good family. Everyone likes her and she seems to have the perfect life. But Evie is not what everyone thinks. Visions and dark premonitions haunt her and she can hear voices that seem to be taunting her.

Enter Jack. Jack is the boy from the wrong side of the track. He's hard, violent, and has his eyes set on Evie. When the apocalypse happens, he may be the only thing that can save her. But she doesn't trust him and doesn't like him. Not sure if she should be staying and holding her home as a final refuge or striking out with him to find safety.

I really liked that the apocalypse doesn't happen right away. We get a chance to get to know everyone a little first. We feel the pain as some of them are lost, and we're excited to hear that a couple survived. But when it finally happens, it's devastating. The world really has come to an end and the game has begun.

There's a little bit of everything in Poison Princess. There's a hint at a romance to come, tragedy, zombies, and a ton of excitement. I'm not sure why I waited so long to get started, but I'm glad I'll be able to pick up the next one soon.

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