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Cover Reveal: Kissing Frogs by Alisha Sevincy

Kissing Frogs
Release Date: 11/18/14
Swoon Romance

Summary from Goodreads:
Popular party girl and
high school senior Jessica Scott has a secret: she used to be a nerd — a big
one; a goody two-shoes, grade-skipping, all-state spelling bee champ. But she
lost the braces, put on some contacts, and applied all her academic genius to
studying and imitating the social elite. Now she rules the school from the
upper echelon of the high school realm. With her cool new friends and hottest-guy-in-school
boyfriend, life’s a beach — and that’s where she’s headed for Spring Break.
That is, until her teacher breaks the bad news that she’s failing Biology — and
her only chance to make up the grade is to throw away the culminating trip of her
hard-earned popularity and join the Conservation Club in Panama to save the
Golden Frog.

Unable to let go of her faded college dreams, Jess finds herself in a foreign
country with a new social crew, and one handsome face that stands out as a
blast from the past, threatening to ruin her queen bee reputation. Travis
Henley may have grown up, but he still likes to play childish games and as
payment for retrieving Jess’ lost ring from the bottom of a jungle pool, he
wants three dates. While Jess does battle with spiders, snakes, wildfires and
smart mean girls, she desperately tries to hang on to the last vestiges of her
popular existence like the Golden Frog from its webbed toe. But as she starts
to care about something more than tanning and texting – a species on the verge
of disappearing forever – she may realize the worth of her inner nerd, and the
one frog in particular that could be her prince in disguise.

Set in the lush and tropical El Valle de Anton, this modern fairytale
re-imagining of “The Frog Prince” is toe-curling contemporary romance with an
environmentalist heartbeat, in the tradition of Stephanie Perkins.

About the Author

Alisha Sevigny holds a degree in Sociology and Professional Writing
from the University of Victoria, is a film school graduate, former
literary agent and current Social Media and Communications Director for an
award-winning English school. A shameless romantic, Alisha and her husband
have travelled the world together. On a recent trip to Panama with their
new daughter, Alisha fell in love with the country, culture, and their
national emblem, the Golden Frog. She was inspired to write her first
Young Adult novel, Kissing Frogs. Born and raised in Kitimat, British Columbia,
Alisha has always had a strong connection to the environment and
conservationist spirit. She now lives in Toronto with her family.

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