Friday, April 20, 2018

Live For This by Kathryn Biel ~ Review

Title: Live For This
Author: Kathryn R. Biel
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Length: 221 pages
Publisher: Independent
Release Date: March 8, 2016
Source: Request
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

Samirah Lundgren is living the party girl life. While she's trying to forget about her past and put off having a meaningful future, her lifestyle catches up with her, leaving her in a wake of personal destruction. Alone and homeless, she encounters Michael Salinger, a man carrying his own baggage in the form of a spinal cord injury, not to mention his former fiancĂ© is marrying his former best friend. 

Can a man with a broken body and a woman with a broken soul help each other find the redemption they need to become whole again?

This was an incredibly moving story. It starts out with a questionable heroine that I wasn't sure I was going to like or want to root for. But I ended up falling in love with Sami. I quickly realized that she wasn't out to hurt people or steal someone's husband, but she was trying to find something in herself to value. Within the first couple chapters, I found a depth in her character that was unexpected and wonderful.

Michael was another one I had a hard time with at first. I think I was supposed to. He's put up a wall around everything in his life and pushed everyone away. He's so determined not to let anyone hurt him again, that he's destroying himself. You can't help but feel for the man who lost so much, and you really want him to just open up and let life back in.

Their romance isn't a traditional one. They both have so much to work through and it almost consumes their lives. But watching as they slowly build each other up in such positive ways was amazing. It was a true romance - not love/lust at first sight. It was life, pure and not so simple.

These two broken souls ended up being perfect for each other. Both looking for someone to trust and relate to. Someone that understands their brokenness in a way most people never will. A beautifully told, semi-clean romance with an HEA that almost made me cry. 

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