Monday, February 5, 2018

One Night with You by Marie Force ~ Review

Title: One Night with You (Fatal 0.5)
Author: Marie Force
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 64 Pages
Publisher: HTJB Inc
Release Date: June 2, 2015
Source: Purchased
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

Since the debut of Fatal Affair in 2010, Fatal Series readers have been wondering about that “memorable” one-night stand between Sam Holland and Nick Cappuano that took place six years before Fatal Affair opens. Well, wonder no more! 

One Night With You tells the story of Sam and Nick’s fateful first meeting in which all the chemistry and heat we have come to expect from them is on full display from the first moments they meet. 

Get all the details of Sam and Nick’s unforgettable night together in this 14,000-word novella! You might want to keep a fan and some ice water handy, because this story is H-O-T!

I was excited to see how Sam and Nick met for the first time. We hear little bits and pieces throughout the series so far, but never the whole story. This is a quick and sweet little novella that shows just how perfect Sam and Nick are together.

Their first night together is quite memorable, and neither will forget it for years (as we know from the rest of the series). I can totally see why they fell so hard for each other, and I totally hate her ex even more now that I see what could have been.

One Night With You is a fun and sexy addition to the Fatal series. While you don't need to read it to follow what's happening in the main series, I'm really glad I picked it up to see a glimpse into the past.

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