Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Knock, Knock by Dale Mayer ~ Review

Title: Knock, Knock (Psychic Visions #5)
Author: Dale Mayer
Genre: Adult, Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense
Length: 309 pages
Publisher: Valley Publishing
Release Date: August 3, 2013
Source: Purchased
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

There’s no best-by date for revenge.

Wealthy and beautiful Shay Lassiter runs the prestigious Lassiter Foundation, but her connections and resources prove worthless when her fiancĂ© tries to murder her. Now, she’s guarding her heart and using her knack for reading people’s intentions – both good and evil – to guide her. But when the Foundation’s clients start dying, she must turn to the new man in her life…one who’s giving her mixed signals.

Computer specialist and ex-cop, Roman Chandler, has a secret. It involves Shay and could ruin the fragile relationship he’s building with her. Though he can’t tell her the truth, he needs to convince her to trust him. He fears that whoever is behind this is about to turn his vengeance on Shay…

And vengeance can be deadly.

I really enjoyed Shay Lannister's character. She brought a lot to the story that was unique and exciting. While her psychic abilities are something that is a little different, they are based in aura reading and manipulation. She can "scan" a person to tell if their intentions are good or bad and even go back in time (psychically) to follow an aura through their past movements. It seems like a pretty cool ability to have. But she has demons in her past that are coming back to haunt her.

When her foundation's donors and friends begin dying in strange and unexplainable ways, she has to face the fact that the evil she thought she had purged from her life might be back and trying to get to her from a different angle this time - using her friends and family to harm her.

Enter Roman Chandler, a man determined to help protect Shay the only way he seems to know is possible - by beefing up her security to prevent the person after her from being able to find out who she is friends with and getting valuable information on the foundation's donors. What he doesn't expect to find, is that Shay intrigues him and for an attraction to begin to form between the two. But this is a romance book, so what else could you really expect.

The storyline of the book didn't really stand out too much other than Shay's unique abilities. The pacing was a little erratic with several slow moments where I was just waiting for something else to happen. Overall I enjoyed the book. Dale Mayer brings back a couple characters from the past, including the mentor that seems to always know just when he's needed most. But he doesn't just swoop in and save the day. I love that he guides people to places they need to be and helps them expand their abilities in ways that allow them to help themselves instead.

Psychic Visions

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