Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Scarlett Legacy by K.N. Lee ~ Review

Title: The Scarlett Legacy (Woodland Creek)
Author: K.N. Lee
Genre: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Length: 344 pages
Publisher: Indie
Release Date: November 22, 2015
Source: Purchased
Reviewed by: Jasmyn

Wizards. Shifters. Sexy mobsters. 
Welcome to Woodland Creek, where one family of wizards gives new meaning to organized crime. 

Evie Scarlett wanted two things: marry Parker Drake and her family of wizards behind. 
But when Hugh Prince, a dangerous crime boss, is mysteriously murdered while awaiting trial for her father's murder, all eyes turn to the Scarlett family. 

The arrival of Hugh's youngest son, Avalon returns from Scotland to bring a century-old feud to a dangerous climax. This vengeful wizard gives Evie's older brother a choice: die or give Evie to him. 

When Evie's plans for escape are broken by familial duty, she must find a way to protect those she loves and win back her freedom. What she finds is an ancient power that she never knew she had. 

Evie knew that evil was coming to Woodland Creek. She just never expected to be so attracted to him.


This was a hard book to rate. We start out with the story of Olivia and Wes, and their mission to take out a rival wizard mafia lord. And it was really exciting and I thought we were really going to get to know this unusual couple. I wanted to see how they met, how they fell in love, and how the rivalry began. But we don't. We skip right over their story and right into the story of Evie.

This transition was a little confusing. We don't see how the first scene ties into her story right away and it seemed like it was all out of place. I was also unsure as to why Evie was so protected by her mother. While this was explained eventually, knowing this ahead of time, even if it was just 'reader knowledge,' would have added a nice element to how the story built. The big reveal also seemed a little forced and out of place in the rest of the plot.

It meandered along, introducing us to a few of Evie's friends, and her too good to be true boyfriend. While I enjoyed the story a lot, I think it would have been better served as two books. One with the history of Wes and Olivia leading up to the mission that starts this book, and one that was dedicated to Evie's story. I loved the dark feel to this. K.N. Lee did a great job building atmosphere and characters, I'm curious what else will be coming out of Woodland Creek.

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