Monday, July 18, 2016

Dead Man's Curve by Alex Van Tol

Title: Dead Man’s Curve
Author: Alex Van Tol
Release Date: October 2016
Publisher: Leap Books Shine
Genre: Young Adult Horror
Length: Novella

The road to Hell passes through Dead Man’s Curve.

It’s been two years since Booker broke up with Rachel, and he wants to get her back. Only problem is, he doesn’t realize it until he and his four friends are hip-deep in a deadly nightmare. They've run over a wispy figure on the highway on Halloween night and now something is preying on them, one by one, going after their deepest fears. 

Lost and scared in the New England wilderness, the group realizes they’re trapped in their own twisted version of The Blair Witch Project. They're powerless against dark forces. When Rachel's life is threatened, Booker realizes it’s up to him to figure out a way to stop the unholy madness. 

If he’s man enough to face it head on.

About Alex Van Tol:

A born writer, Alex Van Tol cut her teeth on Stephen King novels so terrifying she had to turn them face-down on the floor in order to sleep at night. Alex writes across a broad range of genres for youth and adults, including contemporary, paranormal, historical and, of course, horror and thrillers. She lives between the mists and moody skies of Vancouver Island.
Watch for Alex’s Leap Books: Shine YA horror novella DEAD MAN’S CURVE launching fall 2016. When 18-year-old Booker accidentally runs over a mysterious figure on a wilderness highway, he and his passengers are forced to veer along a horrific, ever-shifting road to madness.

Follow Alex via her website, and on Facebook and Twitter.

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